Internet Safety


Caitlin McKenna

About the Internet Safety Presentations

Have you ever been worried about who or what your child may encounter while diving into the vast online world of social media and online gaming? 

Our Personal Safety Program has developed a series of live virtual presentations occurring every Wednesday for parents and adults to better understand how to keep kids safe when they are online. 

The presentations are approximately one hour long and cover popular social media apps and online games children are using, the risks and dangers of using them, how predators may try to interact on these platforms, and tips on how to improve a child’s privacy and safety when online.

The goal is to understand these platforms and the risks they produce in order to teach our children to be responsible digital citizens and good role models.

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Social Media Safety

Online Gaming Safety

35 Van Wagner Road
Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
Monday—Friday 9AM to 5PM