Keeping Children Safe Workshop


Richard Keller-Coffey
Community Education Facilitator

Keeping Children Safe: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Have you ever thought…“Something just doesn’t feel right” when you see a situation involving a child but just didn’t know what to do?

The likelihood that you have encountered a child who has been abused is higher than you may think. Statistics have shown that 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. In Dutchess County, over 1000 cases of child abuse are reported each year and about 5x as many go unreported.

Although these statistics may seem staggering, you can help prevent it by taking our “Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse” training. In this hour long session, you will learn the warning signs of child abuse and neglect, how to respond when a child discloses, and how you are protected if you need to call in a report.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is not for state certification. If you are a teacher, physician, social worker, or other professional in need of certification as a New York State Mandated Reporter, please register for our NYS Mandated Reporter Training.

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Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
Monday—Friday 9AM to 5PM