Supportive Parenting Program


Nika Lynch
Supportive Parenting Program Coordinator

About the Supportive Parenting Program

The Supportive Parenting Program provides intensive case management services for parents with developmental disabilities and/or a mental health diagnosis. This includes weekly home visit support, supervised visitation and parenting classes. In addition to learning parenting skills, parents gain socialization and support from peers and receive assistance in meeting the needs of their children. Case managers also work closely with other service providers involved with our families to better serve our clientele’s needs. Make a referral below.

The Supportive Parenting Program Offers:

  • Weekly home-based parent/child support
  • Daily living skills development needed to prevent incidence of child abuse and neglect
  • Weekly parenting education classes
  • Appropriate community resources
  • Coordinating services
  • Stimulation for child’s development through appropriate play
  • Intensive case management services


Clients are usually referred through the Department of Community and Family Services. To make a referral, you may fill out the form below or contact the program coordinator for one.

Supportive Parenting Program Referral Form

35 Van Wagner Road
Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
Monday–Friday 9AM to 5PM