About NY State Police Troop K

Since 1917, the State Police proudly serves, protects, and defends the people of New York, while preserving the rights and dignity of all. Integrity, respect, customer service and leadership are the foundations we continue to build upon in order to serve to the best of our abilities.

Major Kathryne M. Rohde has led the New York State Police in Troop K as the 37th Troop Commander since May of 2021. Having previously served in the State Police Computer Crimes Unit as the New York State Internet Crimes Against Children Commander, she is extremely familiar with advocating for some of our most vulnerable populations. Major Rohde has made it a priority to dedicate resources to work in conjunction with our partners in Dutchess County to identify and prosecute those who victimize children.

In furtherance of this priority, Investigator Noreen M. Winterfeldt, who’s dedication to survivors has always been described as unmatched, has been assigned full time to the Dutchess CAC since April 2014. Her work is exceptional, and her persistence tempered by experience is evident in her poise and decision making. Investigator Winterfeldt’s uncanny and seemingly innate ability to connect and support survivors of trauma, is only matched by her unwavering devotion to these long, tedious, and often complex investigations. The New York State Police are incredibly proud of Investigator Winterfeldt and recognize that we as an agency and a community are extremely fortunate to have such a valuable asset working for justice.

Investigator Winterfeldt has surrounded herself with a group of committed members of Troop K that exhibit the exceptional qualities necessary to conduct these complex forensic interviews and investigations comprised of Investigators Stacey Cassels-Vetter, Joshua DuBois, Carmelo Melilli, Andrew Hettinger, Melissa McMorris, Troopers Stella Martini, and Vanessa Minardi. Forensic interviews require specific interviewing skills and a disciplined approach in understanding the development of children who are at various stages of development. During these forensic interviews, decisions need to be made in order to maximize the opportunity to gather accurate and complete information that minimizes additional trauma to the child while obtaining acceptable and credible details for criminal prosecution.

The State Police in Troop K, under the leadership of Major Rohde and the expertise of Investigator Winterfeldt’s team, will continue to dedicate themselves to this multidisciplinary team partnered with Dutchess County Department of Community and Family Services Child Protective Caseworkers and the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse and the important work they do.


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