Note to Parents:

We recognize how difficult it may be to talk to your child about the very important topic of sex abuse prevention. We understand it is a lot easier to teach your child about stranger-danger. However, most abuse cases involve someone the child knows, loves, or trusts.  Because of this, it may be very difficult for your child to disclose if something like this were to occur.  

After your child has had our Personal Safety lesson, he or she will understand personal body safety and will be prepared to talk to you about this topic. Children are given either a wooden token or bookmark to help them remember our lesson. This is a perfect opportunity to ask them what they have learned, which will open conversation between the two of you. Above all, your child needs to know he or she can always come to you if they are confused or worried about a touch they may have received. An open, frank discussion will allow better communication and encourage your child to tell you if something is wrong. If your child does disclose, as hard as it may be, try to remain calm. Remember to listen carefully to what they are saying and praise your child for being brave enough to tell you. Let your child know you will help them.  

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